Monday, July 12, 2010

Announcing: The School at TLGuitars.


Todd Lunneborg Guitars in Andover MN announces The School at TLGuitars.

After years of touring and production work Todd Lunneborg has decided to start teaching Guitar Construction classes from his home shop in Andover MN.

The School at TLGuitars will offer classes in Acoustic and Electric guitar construction as well as classes in both basic and advanced guitar design, tooling and jiggery.

“Minnesota is a modern hub for world class guitar makers, the best of the best are all here in Minnesota,” says Mr. Lunneborg, “If I can share that sense of local history, passion for guitars made locally, and have that translate over to my build students; what could be better?”

After the success of the first two Acoustic guitar construction classes, Todd decided to move from a local wood stores cabinet shop set-up classroom to his own shop in Andover.

“While my shop is a little out of the way for most people, there’s no match for a real guitar shop as a classroom setting, it’s already perfectly climate controlled and tooled up for any correction that my be needed, on the spot, during the education process,” Mr. Lunneborg said. “My shop is a much better space to learn the art of guitar making; that’s how I want to teach.”

Todd Lunneborg has been building and repairing guitars for nearly 20 years. Along with his regular customers, and new commissions, he is a regular contributor to the Fretboard Journal Magazine.


Todd Lunneborg
Todd Lunneborg Guitars
4420 158th Avenue NW
Andover, MN 55304

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