Sunday, May 1, 2011

Big Leaps and Taking Chances.

I've been feeling like I've been on the edge of something good for a while now ( a few years really). And I now find myself on the precipice of something big. A big big change in my building, my art and my life is just weeks away. This is what I'm trying to do now... all at once:

Write about guitars and guitar related topics for my favorite magazine.
Build guitars.
Teach classes on how to build guitars.
Guitar Teching for bands.
Tour with a band as tech. (Big deal, big chance for me to add to something cool.)
I'm developing guitar related apps for the IPhone. (With waaaaay cool dudes.)
Teaching apprentice how to build and better his work.
Repairing guitars for a Store.
Restoring insane killer vintage guitars.
Working with an amp builder on cool things.
Taking pictures of cool art for guitar related projects.
Taking photo's for my articles.

Ok so that's a lot (yes I'm guitar obsesed, what else is new right?) but things are moving steadily in the right directions and I'm still learning more now about myself and my art. I realized this weekend, well the past few months really, that I'm doing exactly what I went to school for. Blending music and journalism and even incorporating the time I worked at the stores; the Fetus, Carlsons, and GC... Heck even my summer Photography studies in HS and my summer tours with bands in college are playing into what I'm doing now and what I'm going to do starting the next couple of months.

This summer will mark a change (for a while anyway) in the TLGuitars world and as such I will be able to re-commit myself to working more on and in all aspects of my art. Thanks to a couple of new work opportunities, a store to do repairs for and a tour with an artist I can't wait to aid, I will finally get to "go to work" during the day time hours and then have family time in the evenings- like every other working parent. The dream as a stand alone builder really. The year before the kids came I built 22 guitars. I'm hoping to push myself to see what I can do when given the chance of full time day hours again, and the most important thing, to work when the sunlight is filling the shop.

I guess the thing is, my existential moment has hit and I finally feel like it's all in my hand, under my control. It's a weird settling felling, resolved and steady... thank God for my wife, my love.